Cork Clinic Orthodontics

Welcome to our ORTHODONTIC practice here at the Cork Clinic.

Our Goal is to give you a BEAUTIFUL Irish Smile with an excellent occlusion, in harmony with your facial profile.

Our Staff are highly trained, competent and caring with 25 years of Orthodontic experience to serve you.

Our Practice is purpose built with advanced digital technology systems including radiography to diagnose and treat you in an efficient and friendly manner.

Our fees are open, honest and professional and can be spread to suit your individual needs.

Dr Lettice O’Leary having worked alongside Mr Keating for over 3 years has now taken over the practice.  Dr O’Leary is a specialist orthodontist and she is on the Irish Dental Council Specialist Register for Orthodontics.  This means that she has carried out an extra three years training after dental school to qualify her to perform orthodontic treatment.” 

At the Cork Clinic, we offer our Patients comprehensive Orthodontic treatment using advanced self-ligation systems to correct crowded and crooked teeth, bad bites and major jaw discrepancies.

Our treatment philosophy ensures that, where possible, no extractions are undertaken and while achieving a beautiful Irish smile, we both straighten your teeth and also correct your bite and harmonise this to your individual facial proportions.   All three goals are the hallmark of excellent Orthodontics and increase the longevity and stability of your result. 

We have aesthetic appliance systems commensurate with the above goals, and for minor tooth movements, invisalign may be used. 

Our fees are open, honest and professional, and can be spread out to suit your individual needs. 

Please call us for complimentary consultation at the above number if you feel we can be of assistance to you.